Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy CNY!

The Evolution of the Chinese Dragon

Just wanted to share my latest cartoon for What's Up, a monthly newspaper for students published in Singapore.

Cartoons are tricky because you'll never really know if people will find you funny, corny or downright insulting. One of my editors is also the former Art Editor for the Straits Times so I always feel a little intimidated everytime I submit a sketch for a new issue. So far, I've only been vetoed once (Phew!). The rejected cartoon featured a Valentine's Day theme on teen dating. Haha! Perhaps I should finish inking it and post it here one day.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random (and I do mean random) thoughts

The great thing about being able to draw is that when an idea comes to you, you can actually go home and try to recreate it on paper. Of course, there are limits. But whether your thought was whimsical, ironic or surreal, you would still be able to (somehow) get it out of your head and show (not tell) your friends your thought of the day.

Anyway, the point of that whole paragraph is this: I have made it my new year's resolution to draw EVERYTHING I ever thought of. Everything. This includes all the ideas I thought of while waiting for the bus, commuting to work, taking a dump, trying to sleep and toasting bread. Here's the first of this series:

The Revenge of the Lost Socks

Time can be a dangerous thing to have.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moving in, moving on

Soon, I will be moving to my third country in 5 years.

In the spirit of change, I’ve decided to take things a step further by starting my first blog! (Thanks Kara for the cyber-nudge forward)

In a way, the timing couldn't be more appropriate. After a year of grad school and four years of research, I am finding myself suddenly free to do everything I wanted to but couldn’t because of work. Let's see what this means for the coming year ;)