Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big bite

Project George, 2009

This month's artwork was about animal abuse - and the true cost of our growing demand for food. Apparently, KFC breeds their chickens to be so top-heavy, their legs break :(

Thanks to this month's model for being so game :D


  1. Oh shit, that's so sad. I've been reading a lot of sites on animal abuse and I'm seriously considering donating to sponsor an animal (be it cat or dog). I'm still debating though, who to give it to.

  2. oh how awful - makes me feel happy that I am a vegan.
    When you get the chance - visit my blog I have given you an award!

  3. euwwwww.. really really a dilemma, so sad but true, and they never really enjoy life except inside their cage..

  4. Its really disgraceful how they treat the chickens AND get away with it. The illustration says it all. Really nice.