Thursday, April 9, 2009

Papa and the Little Red Horse

When Papa was a little boy, his parents had a tradition of bringing the whole family to a church in Antipolo during the month of May. Papa loved these annual visits because the nearby market always had the coolest things.

There was a wooden machine gun that went rat-ta-ta-tat as you turned its little knob

a green toy snake that could twist and coil when held by its tail

and a tin bird that bobbed its head when pulled by a string.

Yet - while his parents gamely bought him the gun, the snake and the tin bird, there was one toy he wanted but could never have: a little red papier mache horse. For some reason, his parents always said NO. And everytime Papa would ask why, they would simply respond:

What would you do with a papier mache horse?

Eventually, time passed and the family stopped visiting the Antipolo church. Papa grew up and went on to wanting other things. But he never got his little red horse.

So imagine Papa's delight when, more than forty years later, he finds himself on a road trip to Paete, a city known for its wood carvers and craftsmen. THE PLACE WHERE PAPIER MACHE HORSES COME FROM.

All the way from the South Luzon Expressway, Papa told his kids about his important mission.

We travelled to three churches (Mama reminded us that the whole point of the trip was the Visita Iglesia and not a search for paper animals).

Weaved our way through a a whole lot of people

And just when we were about to give up

Papa finally got his red papier mache horse.
Except that this time it wasn't so little anymore because neither was he.

More pictures on the search for Papa's little red horse here.


  1. Hahahahaha!!!

    fun fun!

  2. this is such an adorable story, your Papa looks sooooo happy.
    Lovely photos tooo, I liked the red and pink umbrellas.
    Happy Easter!

  3. Hehe, I never really liked the red horses when I was a kid. My favorite was the bamboo snake and the tin bird ... and the puteseco and turones de mani at the Antipolo church market. Miss ko na ang turones - marbs

  4. Yas, such a lovely story and so well told! Naks, you've motivated me to start blogging as well - nothing written yet, but I'll give you a shout when it's up and running (hopefully in the very near future, ha ha). Anyhow I'm really looking forward to more great stories from you! ;) ~Kat

  5. I agree! What a well-told story. Now I want a red paper-mâché horse!

  6. Your dad is so cute! And I love your photos!

    - Ther (Yes, I still try to seduct you, nyahahha!)

  7. haha. so cute!
    and the pictures are really nice!