Thursday, May 14, 2009

Be my guest

I was cleaning out my hard drive the other day and found a number of wedding illustrations that friends have requested over the past two years. People say you know you're growing old when you start receiving wedding invites in the mail. I wonder if there's a saying about the number of invites you draw?

One couple wanted to show themselves crossing a rough ocean to represent the challenges they faced in their relationship. I liked the idea but was terrified of drawing waves!

Another couple wanted to focus on the "details" of their relationship. Every little thing in this drawing was special to the couple. My personal favorite is the stuffed lion named DiCaprio.

This bride was so inspired, she actually wrote a children's book about their relationship! It would have been ideal for the groom to do the illustrations but they decided to "outsource" it to me instead :) The entire story is told in his handwriting though :)

I think the fun part of doing these illustrations was the challenge of helping the couple "implement" their vision of how they wanted their invites to look. Relationships are defined in so many ways, it was fun to look back and see how each invite turned out so different from the other.


  1. Love the "details" illustration!

  2. Wow! I love your illustration showing the ocean parting. The couple is very cute, as are all the sea creatures, and the stylized waves are nice.

  3. That couple is so in love, they're oblivious to the waves! Nice rendition.

  4. these are all so very beautiful and each so different but still so definitely made by you. They all must have been so happy with their artwork.