Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brand new!

Project George, 2009

After a short break last month, Project George is up and rolling again. This time, we decided to tackle the issue of E-waste and how the quest for the shiniest, newest model always leaves behind a heap of toxic trash.

Kara said the drawing reminded her of Where's Waldo? while Sel asked if I've ever seen Wall-E. I said that all I did was go online and look at depressing photos of electronic dumpsites! :P Thanks for the great work, guys!


  1. Great mural illustration... It does remind me of Wall-E.

  2. dammit! just when i was supposed to buy a new phone! hahaha

  3. Hello!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!
    Your illustrations are also cool and looks familiar. :-)


  4. Oh wow, the optical illusion got me. I actually thought there was a girl sitting there checking her phone for a few seconds!

    (joke, of course)