Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thank you Eraserheads, Farewell Francis M.

Picture by mousepotatoph

One day in 1992, Papa brought home a cassette tape of Ultraelectromagneticpop, an album by a young band called The Eraserheads. He had heard about these four students who were starting to make waves in the rock scene and wanted to see what the fuss was about.

Unfortunately, I was still in my “Take That” phase and didn’t really appreciate the fact that I was actually being introduced to one of Philippines’ most influential bands. By the time I got to university, rumors of their break up were already spreading. I only saw them live once before they finally disbanded in 2002.

Horrified at my ignorance, my then boyfriend (now husband) made it a personal mission to “educate” me on Eheads music. After listening to only one album (with running commentary for background reference), I was hooked.

For the next six years, their songs became a wonderful source of comfort. I sang out loud in my dorm room in Boston, hummed quietly in between work in the office, and provided “back-up vocals” for my husband when we wanted to chase away homesick blues.

We didn't bring a camera but ended up in a stranger's photo!
The benefit of being at the venue 3 hours before the show?
Photo by Gerass

So at their final reunion concert last Saturday, I screamed, jumped, and sang along with thousands of other fans who were grateful for one more chance to see the band together again. Even the bouncers were singing along to the songs and I promptly teared up when the band paid tribute to Francis M., a Filipino musician who succumbed to Leukemia at age 44.

Photo by htcola

Thank you Eraserheads. Your songs represented two things I love about being Filipino: 1) the creative ability to make do with what we have and 2) the shared understanding that we must NEVER EVER take ourselves too seriously. While I’ve tried to do the same in my own art, I don’t think I’ll ever be as successful as you were.


  1. Eheads, even though disbanded, will forever be in our hearts. When Yas recounted her Eheads reunion concert experience, vividly describing fans crying while singing the lines of "Toyang", I imagine myself doing the same. These fans were crying not just because they're seeing their rockstars up close and within reach, but also because the songs reminded them of their old days as naive high school students or idealistic collegians. Eheads songs will always remind me of the good old days when sembreaks were the highlights of the year and winning soda bottle caps were a symbol of wealth.

  2. Funny that you guys ended up in a stranger's photo! How'd you find the photo, though?!?

  3. Haha, I was just browsing through Flickr for concert photos and ta-da! there we were. Super funny.

  4. walang katulad..nag iisa yan!

  5. hey. i love the shirt. saan meron?

  6. aztig....

    r u a solid fan of e-heads??

  7. san nkkbili ng ganyang t-shirt?

  8. Hi! For all those who are curious about the Eheads shirt, I got them from the Team Manila store (found at all major Metro Manila malls). Hope that helps!