Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Pirate or the Robber?

Deciding on how to present the concept of "music piracy" led to our family's first case of "conflict due to artistic differences".

I wanted to use the image of a robber to convey the message of how piracy is a form of stealing:
Project George V1, April 2009

While my siblings preferred a quirky / witty take on the concept by having a "pirate" committing piracy:
Project George V2, April 2009

The argument had come to the point of "Fine! Do what you want!" "Fine!" "Whatever!" - so I decided to just provide two versions for our editors to choose from.

In the end, they liked both versions very much but decided that while the pirate had more visual impact, the robber set the right tone.

It was a nice way to settle the argument and in a way, an important lesson for me as well. I tend to get worked up when faced with something I strongly oppose and this experience was a good reminder to try ideas out first before shutting them down.

I have to admit, that pirate is quite cute. Arr!


  1. Love the concept. I personally like the Robber best. The Pirate is fun but pulls me away from the piece. Great job

  2. robber is more to the point, but Pirate is more word play- music piracy -things :D

    But I have to admit, the robber got my attention more, and the message is stronger with him ;')