Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Then and Now

It's been a while since I've celebrated my birthday at home. I dragged a friend out for a pancake breakfast, completed a new drawing, and had a nice family dinner. In between, friends from high school and college texted their greetings (this doesn't happen when you live in another country). Coming back to Manila has been like one overdrawn process of nostalgia. I think that's why this birthday was extra special.

In tribute to the joys of getting older, I thought it would be nice to look back at how things have changed throughout the years.

Untitled, 2003

NOWMuse(s), 2009

So what happens when we get older? Do we grow more mature, more restrained and more confident with ourselves? Or do we simply lose the energy to finish coloring a page? ;)


  1. these are both adorable.
    Yes sometimes I have to force myself to finish coloring things, but I think sometimes its struggling with the decision of which color to pick is the hardest!

  2. i've lost energy to make collages! :(

    happy birhtdaaay!!
    we still have wham and overdue pancakes.

  3. Amy: Ah yes, picking the right color is really hard! What's worse is when you realize you picked the wrong one in the middle of coloring the floor or the wall.

    Kara: Go pancakes! Can't wait to celebrate summer with you guys!

  4. heii happy belated birthday! :D
    I usually, rarely succeed in coloring the whole drawing page (with manual technique of course hehee), it is so tiring for me,
    although, I always love when some artist do this on their masterpiece, salute!

  5. both the compositions are just amazing... I love how you just make them look so seamless and beautiful... they are amazing...

  6. Adorable characters in both illustrations!!